The Land of the Good

Here, good flavours are created.
Here, only good moments exist.
Here, I feel good.

Terra Negra
Country Club

Strongly connected with the black soil of Slavonia, our nurturer, and the vision of Slavonia as an idyllic place to live, step by step we created a place for enjoying life – for getting together, celebrating, sharing ideas and resting.


Crna svinja

Respect towards ingredients that our black soil gives us and preparation principles typical for contemporary European cuisine were the base for creating a perfect fusion of Slavonian ingredients and world-famous recipes.

Event room

Terra Negra

By combining traditional Slavonian materials and modern technology, we have created a unique space where good moments are created. The 200-seat multi-purpose hall is an ideal meeting place for family, friends or business partners.


Participants of the summer camp ‘Sports Summer on Sokol 2020’ visited Terra Negra Country Club

At the Terra Negra Country Club meadow, our little guests enjoyed hanging out and exercising outdoors.

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Restaurant Crna svinja reopens

From May 11th our restaurant reopens to all the visitors looking for a carefree enjoyment in food, good company and nature. Join us on our spacious terrace or in the restaurant area, with a glass of good wine and delicious Slavonian delicacies.

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Working hours of the Restaurant Crna svinja

In accordance with the Decision of closure of the catering facilities for 30 days, we would like to inform you that the restaurant Crna svinja from 03/19/2020 temporarily suspends operation.

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Special offer – Winter menu

A refreshed winter menu is the reason why you should visit Restaurant Crna Svinja and Terra Negra Country Club this weekend.

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Women’s Day party

We celebrated International Women’s Day at Terra Negra event room.

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Valentine’s Party

The Valentine’s Day party in Terra Negra event room was the party for which an extra ticket was sought.

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